If you’re planning a destination abroad that involves theme parks then prepare for an adventure of a lifetime! Travel Triangle reports that there are over 400 amusement parks you can choose from all over the world! And while it is impossible to visit all of it in one lifetime for some, you can always pick the ones that you think will make you the most excited. Whether you’re planning a trip to a Disneyland Park, Legoland, Universal Studios or some other amusement park (local or international), it is important to plan, plan, plan! While spontaneous trips aren’t so risky when visiting theme parks, they can rack up your expenses in ways you do not totally expect!

Remember that while we love our theme parks, we also have to be practical travelers. If you want to make the most out of your experience, especially when you have your family or friends with you, make sure to follow these tips:

Pack the right stuff

Do your research beforehand! Almost every theme park or amusement park has a website (if it doesn’t, then it’s kinda creepy). That’s your first place to go when learning about the place. Some people skip this part and so end up being fully clothed only to find out that what they are visiting is a water park! (Trust me, I know this!) Make sure that your clothes are light and airy if the theme park is in somewhere humid like Southeast Asia. On the other hand, pack heavier clothes if you’ll be in some cold region or some snow theme park like in Korea! Check for possible weather forecasts before leaving and do include first aid in your pack just in case of emergencies.

Keep a tight budget

Another reason why you should not skip the research is related to how much you can save money during your theme park trip. Remember, theme parks have their own little economies so prices tend to be more inflated than usual. Food (and yes, even bottled water!) will be more expensive and souvenirs will probably be quite a fortune to spend on. You can easily blow off a thousand bucks if you’re not watching your pocket! Ways to stay on budget include eating a heavy meal hours before going to the theme park (just do not ride the roller coaster immediately please!) Bring your own water bottle as theme parks will have water fountains. Check if snacks can be brought inside or eat outside the park if there are options available. Think twice about your souvenir purchases but do splurge on something that will be memorable for you.