Theme parks, amusement parks, state fairs… You name it, I’ll visit it (or have visited it!) My name is CC, an adventurer, travel blogger, and most of all a theme park junkie. Welcome to Circo Wonderland, a blog dedicated to these fun places that remind us of our childhood. Since I was 6, I’ve always been fascinated by entertainment parks. My very first memory was visiting (nope not Disneyland!) but Coney Island in New York City. My parents would take me there on weekends and I would stroll around with a cotton candy in my hand. I enjoyed the whole place, from the sidestreet magicians to the mimes and clowns where crowds gathered. I loved the carousel but was utterly terrified of the Ferris wheel!

In middle school was my first experience of actually going to Disneyland EPCOT in Florida. It was all the hype and it really made my dreams come true. Every child loves Disneyland! By my teenage years, I’ve been theme park hopping with my family and friends from Six Flags in New Jersey to Universal Studios in Hollywood. By the time I hit college, I took a major break from visiting theme parks to put all my time in studying. My first job was working at a Disney Cruise Line and it rekindled my love for theme parks. While I have a totally different career now, I still plan and travel to different theme parks across the globe.

I’ve visited all the Disneylands abroad from France to Japan to Hong Kong. I’ve visited Bakken in Denmark, the oldest amusement park in the world and even one of the weirder water parks called the Suoi Tien Theme Park in Vietnam, which is (guess what) Buddhist-inspired! This made me realize that yes, each country has its own local theme or amusement park which I also include in my bucket list. (I wonder what theme park Russia has?)

While visiting theme parks are by no means cheap, I really save up for every trip and through blogging, I am able to keep this side hustle alive by writing honest reviews about each experience: what to visit, things to do, and some tips to help you make your own theme park journey memorable and fun! So feel free to browse my blog for the latest theme park and amusement park reviews from all over the US and abroad. I also visit state fairs by the way (and man, those eating competitions just blow my mind!)

Oh, before I end, this blog is not just mine, I have friends collaborating and contributing their experiences as well. So be sure to check out this blog and have a fun ride!