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Nothing wrong can be said about Sydney, especially about amazing wedding cinematography; there are many brilliant providers around town. However, even if you have these people, your dream wedding is nothing without a venue where you can freely pose on your beautiful dress. If you’re torn on deciding where to go, this article might be your lifesaver. Here are some of the best venues you can visit to plan your cinematography output in Sydney.

The Rocks

The exquisite European vibe that this backdrop possesses is truly unmatched. Many couples have already visited this location, and many have expressed their gratitude and amazement, especially on social media. There’s also an additional spot that you might have to check out, and that’s under the Harbour Bridge. Most couples bring cars with them if they want to take advantage of this location, so we highly recommend doing that and telling your amazing wedding cinematography provider as well if you’re into car shots.

The Opera House

The Sydney Opera House requires no introduction already. Everyone knows this jaw-dropping structure and its ability to steal gazes even from afar. However, even if you’re near, the Opera House is still capable of doing some magic, as a backdrop, that is. Take note, however, that this place is highly on-demand, so you might make some adjustments when you’re already at the location. Still, the people around here are excellent and are very welcoming when it comes to wedding filmmakers in Sydney.

NSW’s Art Gallery

The art gallery located in New South Wales is also a hotspot for wedding cinematographers. Most of the service providers pick this location because of its simplicity and accessibility. The exterior is amiable and not that glaring to the eye, definitely something that a perfect backdrop would look like. We want to point out the archaic ambiance, so if you’re into that, this art gallery is something to look forward to.

Bradley’s Head

An amazing wedding cinematography requires a good canvass, and nothing better to start it with Bradley’s Head. This location is well-known for its sunset and is something that everyone from Sydney should see at least once in their lifetime. Imagine something like this etched in your wedding cinematography, something so beautiful would be able to capture in just a matter of seconds.

Bradley’s Head, however, is also in demand, which means that if you want to have a piece of its scenery, you have to book a reservation. Make sure that everything is ready with you and your contractor to avoid any hiccups in the production since this spot is tough to secure in the first place.

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