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Being able to learn DIY tasks keeps you busy at home. Additionally, it enables you to avoid being too dependent on others to do these tasks for you. Below is a guide on how to use paver sealer products when applying a fast-drying concrete sealer. In case you don’t understand any of the step (s) in this guide, seek a specialty expert’s explanation: 

  • Remove External Elements 

To apply sealer successfully, remove oil, grease, stains, dirt, and dust off from the concrete surface. The concrete has to be free from external elements before the paver sealer products you’ll apply will be absorbed on the surface. External elements slow down the absorption of the sealer on the concrete. 

  • Get Rid of Old Sealer 

An old sealer does nothing good on the concrete surface. What’s worse is that an old sealer is an extra element on the surface, so it slows down the absorption of paver sealer products. In turn, the old sealer is detrimental to the fast drying absorption of the applied concrete sealer. 

  • Use an Etching Solution to Dig Onto the Concrete 

Open up the inner part of the concrete so you can apply a sealer to it. Make sure that the etching solution you’ll use to dig into the concrete does not damage the surface. If the surface is damaged, you won’t be able to make use of it. Hence, if this situation occurs, there’s no point in applying a fast-drying concrete sealer

  • Use a Roller or a Sprayer in Applying the Sealer 

Put some sealer thinly on the concrete surface using either a roller or a sprayer. Using widely -shaped materials in applying the sealer may trigger you to put on an excessive amount of it on the surface. You’ll never want to waste any amount of sealer. A concrete sealer price can be expensive, depending on the market from which it is sold. 

  • Wait for the First Batch of Sealer to Dry 

You’ll only mess up the first batch of sealer if you don’t let it dry before applying a second batch. If you mess up the first batch of applied sealer, you’ll have to start all over again in applying it on the concrete. 

  • Put on the Second Batch of Sealer 

Apply the second batch of sealer on the opposite side of the concrete. Doing so ensures that you get to apply sealer on all parts of the surface. 

It’s important you consecutively follow these steps in applying sealer to prevent damage to your concrete. You’ll be proud of having a concrete surface of good quality to complement the cozy environment of your home, in the long run. 


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