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Couples know and understand the budget restraints that a wedding event can produce. In many cases, couples that are eager to save money to allocate to the more important part of the wedding resort to everything that is free. While Melbourne wedding photography is something that isn’t free, the location of the photoshoot is something that couples can take advantage of. Melbourne in particular is a region filled with historical areas and aesthetically pleasing locations. If you’re one of those couples that are wanting to save some money, then this article is made for you; here are some photo-shoot locations that you can use in Melbourne for free.

Luna Park

Having it near Port Phillip Bay makes Luna Park a unique photo-shoot experience because of its fresh atmosphere, and although it’s definitely hot most of the time, the scenes wedding photographers can pull off using a backdrop like this are extraordinary. Aside from that, Luna Park is also near some popular wedding receptions in Melbourne, meaning you can still use this as another chance, maybe an after-wedding photoshoot with the visitors as well. Overall, Luna Park is an exceptional free choice that offers a lot to the table.

Princes pier port Melbourne

Despite its distance, the Princes Pier Port in Melbourne is an option that is worthy of being considered for taking the best wedding photos. It’s definitely rewarding to travel to get to this place mainly because of the backdrop that it could offer. The ocean is serene at its best, and photographers can play around the atmosphere that the place could offer at any time of the day.

One thing to watch out for however are the crazy and abnormal wind and breeze that could make your Melbourne wedding photography hard. To counter this, make sure that you have checked the weather and inquire using forecasts or maybe call people that are near the place to check whether it is a good time to travel.

Hosier lane

Street art and wedding might be two concepts that are hardly explored, but if you want to do it yourself, then Hosier Lane is the perfect location for you. Graffitis and exquisite arts are plastered along the walls of the area, making everything vibrant and eventful. It might be a noisy Melbourne wedding photography backdrop, but talented photographers can make use of this scenario and transform it into an advantage. Located at the center of Melbourne, traveling to Hosier Lane isn’t difficult at all, and anyone that you would like to bring along can easily make it through as well.

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